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SUPERBUZZER Quiz Game, the best real-time multiplayer trivia game! Challenge your friends or random players and beat them with your knowledge. This The Quiz - Best Quiz Game App helps you to do the same. This free The Quiz - Best Quiz Game or knowledge app improves one's general knowledge about. Apps für Besserwisser: COMPUTER BILD stellt Quiz- und Rätsel-Apps vor, die der Allgemeinbildung auf die Sprünge helfen. “Flags of the World” is a quiz game (trivia) that teaches the flags and capitals of all world countries in the most fun way possible. You will always remember the. 2nd place in the "Best App Ever Award" for Trivia Games -​. Winner of the Mobile App Award ++ Features ++. ▷ Captivating.

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This The Quiz - Best Quiz Game App helps you to do the same. This free The Quiz - Best Quiz Game or knowledge app improves one's general knowledge about. for Android. Live quizzes every day and win! Live Quiz- und Game-Shows Using APKPure App to upgrade Quipp, fast, free and save your internet data. Egal ob es um Quizfragen oder das Quizspiel-Vergnügen geht: Hier findest Du die besten Quiz-Apps für Android und iOS. This trivia app puts a pair of players through a battery of Jaxx App questions of increasing difficulty, with classic lifelines such asAsk The Audience, and Ask Casino Deutschland Gutscheincode Expert. Leave a Reply Man Of Steel 2017 reply Your email address will not be published. Here are some more fun Android games! It features a game show style unlike anything else on this list. Read our review of GimKit. Here you can get top best trivia game apps for your Android smart Andere Spieleladen Berlin which is best for sharp your brainimprove searching skills, improve concentration etc. If your focus is on substantive, timely feedback, then Formative is worth a look. Android Wear Mit Dem Gamble Spiel for Quiz. It contains hundreds of questions, plenty of levels, and the developers Johann F Graf to be updating the game fairly frequently with new content. Multiplication Hero.

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Galgenmännchen 2. Download: iOS. Size Please sign in before purchasing Why? Good set up and great questions makes you want to look up more. Denn hier videotelefoniert ihr nicht nur mit euren direkten Freunden Pub Slots Online, sondern auch deren Freunden und Bekannten. Skip to main content. Als erstes bittet Dich die App zwei Wissens-Kategorien auszuwählen.

Unlike other apps, HQ Quiz features a real host asking questions at pre-set times. In the end, remaining participants the split real prize money.

While it might not be millions, you can buy a lunch or two. Logo Game Android. There are many quiz games on Android, but few of them are free.

Logo Game is a fun, simple guessing game. It features over famous international brands and 73 levels that increase in difficulty.

It even features achievements and leaderboards. Think something like Family Feud. There are hundreds of questions and a variety of difficulty levels.

The developers also regularly update the app with new content making it always feel fresh. Quiz Your Friends Iphone.

This game puts you in the creative seat. Quiz Your Friends gives you the ability to create the perfect customized quiz to match your interests.

You can choose anything from your favorite TV shows, places, or whatever you like. You can save the quiz for later or send it out to all your friends immediately and test their skills out yourself.

Popcorn Trivia Android. Popcorn Trivia has become one of the most popular mobile quiz games. This fun quiz is designed by movie buffs for movie buffs.

Each week the developers add new movies in categories spanning across the genres. DK Quiz is another amazing quiz game.

This free app contains over quizzes ranging with topics from science and history to food and music.

The game features leaderboards, so you compete against friends and check your rankings across all players. The first options on this list are great for playing solo or killing a few minutes as you wait for the train.

Quizup takes the competition to the next level where you pit yourself against friends and opponents PVP style. Whoever answers questions faster than the other does gets the points.

There is a broad variety of categories, and the game expands across more and more of them as it progresses. Special categories also debut during holiday seasons and big movie premieres.

For those looking for a more social experience, this is a great choice. Trivia Only Android. The app has not only standard, classic quiz game staples, but also features fun little mini-games that put a twist on the quiz app format.

Quizoid Android. Quizoid is on the of the classic Android quiz games. With over 7, trivia questions, this game will truly test your skills.

It also features three dynamic modes—classic, 20 questions, and arcade—along with full offline functionality. Trivia Android.

Trivia is a newer app that combines the most fun aspects of a variety of quiz games. The interface is easy to use, and US players will love the landmark questions that will test their memory of grade school geography.

Logo Quiz Android. This is a free application that offers amazing features to Android users. There are niches which can be chosen by you and you can find your questions regarding the niches.

Some of the amazing niches are food quiz, guess the color, slogans, minimalist, expert mode and the levels keep coming with the updates.

You can find many smalls logos in the app as well. Above all, there are 52 levels which will be elevated with your approaches to play.

There are even hints provided for the user so that he or she can guess the answer with the help of that.

This is another application that can help you sort the questions and answers of Quiz. You can even use the voice input feature. You can even view many questions in your favorite niche.

There is even a feature of getting the quiz questions downloaded in PDF format. Hence, you can always go for such an application that can bring the best in you and can help you come across amazing questions that can boost your intellect and help you become aware of many things.

This is a classic application that comes in the mobile format. It includes questions about a ton of different movies from a bunch of different categories and eras.

Additionally, it includes multiplayer support, TV shows, and semi-frequent updates. This one may contain mature content. Thus, it's not as kid friendly as something like the Pokemon Quiz above.

Other than that, it's fantastic. We highly recommend it. Trivia Plaza website. Trivia Plaza is a website for quizzes.

It features a basic UI and format along with simple mechanics and plenty of quiz options. Some categories include movies, pop music, geography, science, computer, classical music, history, and more.

Each category has about two dozen or more quizzes with ten questions each. Each quiz has a set number of questions.

This won't satisfy serious trivia urges. However, it's a fun site to play with while bored at work. Trivia Vault games dozens of games.

Trivia Vault is a large series of quiz games on Steam. Each game is themed for a topic. We saw ones for the 's, hockey, superheroes, video games, boxing, basketball, and many others.

The developers also have general mixed trivia games as well. They all play basically the same way with a traditional game show trivia game setup.

They're also all fairly inexpensive. The games aren't overly deep. For instance, it's difficult to see how you rank against other players.

However, it's a cheap way to scratch that trivia itch. The sheer number of topics are nice as well, although they might have done better with one large game and each topic as an in-game purchase.

True of False 2. True of False 2 is a quick, fun little quiz game. The game asks you a true of false question. You answer if it's true of false.

That's basically it. There are a ton of questions, though, as well as Steam achievements and collectibles. The game is usually available in bundles with other games.

That includes the first game in the series. We also recommend the first game since you can get it for so cheap.

However, the second one is better than the first one. You Don't Know Jack several games. You Don't Know Jack is a humorous old quiz games for Windows.

The first few games in the series are traditional quiz games with little mini-games. There is another series of Jackbox Party Packs that include party games along with guessing games.

For trivia fans, we recommend the standard You Don't Know Jack experience. The Jackbox Party Pack games are still rather fun in groups, though.

These are pretty good and easily among the best. Thank you for reading! Leave a comment. Apple fans will love the new iPad Pro 9.

Best Android Games for Tablets One of the best ways to pass time on your Android tablet is to load your favorite game, here is our new list of the best Android games for tablets.

Updated May Those looking for RPGs have a bunch of really good options. But what are the best games and apps for it?

Witch It: hide and seek, but with magic This game of magical hide and seek has a great look and a good sense of humor, but is it any fun?

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2nd place in the "Best App Ever Award" for Trivia Games - ☆ Features ☆ ▷ Captivating Singleplayer mode ▷ Worldwide highscore. Rätseln macht Spaß und hält fit! Deswegen stellen wir Ihnen im folgenden App-​Special die 20 beliebtesten Quiz-Apps für iOS und Android vor. Testet euer Wissen, bringt eure grauen Zellen zum Qualmen oder tobt euch mit Freunden und Familie bei witzigen Party-Games aus. Egal ob es um Quizfragen oder das Quizspiel-Vergnügen geht: Hier findest Du die besten Quiz-Apps für Android und iOS. for Android. Live quizzes every day and win! Live Quiz- und Game-Shows Using APKPure App to upgrade Quipp, fast, free and save your internet data.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has gone mobile, translating the game show experience to the touch screen. This trivia app puts a pair of players through a battery of trivia questions of increasing difficulty, with classic lifelines such as , Ask The Audience, and Ask An Expert.

You're playing for points and leaderboard spots rather than PayPal cash-outs, and a system of coins and unlockable mystery boxes are among the free-to-play elements, but it's still a fun trivia experience that you can play in short bursts.

Download Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The end of HQ Trivia doesn't mean a stop to apps that pay out when you ace a quiz.

Fleetwit lets your put your money where your mouth is, when it comes to trivia via live real-time "brain races" where participants try to solve puzzles and answer trivia questions correctly and as quickly as possible.

There are a variety of races that you can participate in for free, but users can also buy credits or earn them through in-app actions to participate in higher tier brain races with winners scoring prizes like cash or gift certificates.

An update to the game now lets you challenge others — including celebrities — to a battle of wits. Download Fleetwit: iOS.

A free-to-play quiz game by the Fleetwit team, Quizcapade offers up short-burst trivia gaming as you try to top the online scoreboards.

Players start with a small pool of coins, and choose how much they want to hazard on a quick-fire bout of 10 trivia questions ranging from history, science to pop culture.

You earn more coins if you complete the set, or lose it all if you get a question wrong. If you wipe out all your coins, then you can wait an hour to get a set of free coins, or buy a coin pack with an in-app purchase.

Download Quizcapade: Android. Fancy yourself a movie maven? Test your wits in PopcornTrivia, a free-to-play movie trivia game. The app comes with trivia questions for a wide variety of movies and genres, with answers earning you popcorn that you can use to customize your avatar or on premium question packs for popular TV series.

PopcornTrivia includes both single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as leader boards and a stat tracker. Trivia quiz website Sporcle has been busy destroying productivity since with its brain teasers, and the mobile app's quick-playing quizzes are just as addictive.

Sporcle features thousands of quizzes in a variety of topics, such as history, entertainment, science and literature, with players trying to list down all possible answers that fit a given question.

Just like the website, the Sporcle app regularly updates with new quizzes, and players can even sign up for a Sporcle account to comment on and rate quizzes, as well as create and upload their own.

Download Sporcle: Android , iOS. Quizoid won't be winning any design awards for its Spartan looks, but the app offers a challenging, no-nonsense single-player trivia game that strips out social extras and online components.

Players try to get the highest scores they can by running through a gantlet of questions, while armed with three lifelines. Answer wrong, and the game is over.

Quizoid features up to 7, questions in 17 categories, such as entertainment, mathematics and sports.

In-app purchases add question packs, and can remove advertising. If you like your trivia apps without any extra fluff, then give Quizoid a shot.

Download Quizoid: Android , iOS. Tom's Guide. It provides 2 emojis from where you need to guess the word. As the levels increase, the number of emojis and hardness of the game also increases.

The best part is, it has 1, levels which are good enough to play for long and become a pro in using emojis. Download Emoji Quiz. World Geography is the best Geographic quiz app that you can find on the Play Store.

The reason being, it not only covers the maps but it also tests your knowledge on capitals, rivers, places, cities, etc. The training involves all the questions that you have wrongly answered.

In order to reach the next level, you have to answer all of these correctly again. Download World Geography. History Trivia Quiz is another app which is suggested by my friend.

Unlike the world war 2 quiz, it only deals with History. I found the quizzes to be quite hard but you can test them for yourself.

Download History Trivia Quiz. Psych is the most popular multiplayer quiz app. You can start the quiz on any topic and your friends can simply add the code to join.

The only caveat is, the game works in multiplayer mode only. Download Psych. This is a quiz app that is more suitable for students.

It offers quizzes on various topics like books and authors, computer knowledge, chemistry, history, physics, science, etc.

Along with them it also offers topics like agriculture, capitals, economy, etc. Download General Knowledge Quiz. As the name suggests, True or False is an app that provided two options — True or False.

I found it quite interesting but the topics it covers are quite limited. You have a few topics namely Plants, Animals, people, Geography and personality.

But since there are not many apps that conducts quizzes in True or False format, it is the best you can get.

Download True and False Quiz. Quiz it is a single-player offline quiz app that covers a vast number of topics from Brands to People, Music, Places, Food, etc.

Almost all the apps in this list require the Internet, but Quiz it provides more than quizzes to play offline. Download Quiz it.

Quiz up is my favorite app of this list and the app which I have been using for a really long time. It is the best all-rounder app.

Quiz not only covers a variety of topics but also provides multiplayer mode, single-player mode, or play with a random person on the internet. It is a pretty complicated looking app, but you can easily figure it out within a few minutes.

Best for: People who want to have an all-round quiz app, which covers many topics and also supports multiplayer. The heart of Quizlet is its study sets collections of "terms" and their "definitions".

Students can use study sets that teachers assign, create their own, or use one from the content library, which, as you'd expect, isn't all top quality but does offer content to purchase from trusted providers like Kaplan.

Of course, many teachers and students will want to run quiz games, and Quizlet offers an option for this called Quizlet Live.

We found that Quizlet Live doesn't match the raucous fun of some competitors, but it does approximate it. It also has a team-based spin on the genre that gets students collaborating and communicating.

Read our review of Quizlet. Quizizz is our best all-around choice for cash-strapped teachers looking for a quiz and game show tool that's free from top to bottom.

Unfortunately, you'll need to deal with ads. Quizizz lacks the outstanding question variety and study tools of Quizlet but offers a delightful, meme-fueled game show experience that students and teachers will enjoy.

That said, older students may find it corny. It packs in just enough of what you need and expect -- from useful tweaks to quizzes and a teacher dashboard -- to some surprising extras like a robust homework option for quizzes which is superior to, for instance, Kahoot 's app-only approach.

It also has three different quiz modes team, class, and test , which, in addition to the homework option, means you can set up a lot of different types of learning experiences.

We just wish the question variety was better, and that there was a better way to give feedback during and after quizzes, like with Formative or Quizalize.

Read our review of Quizizz. Easily one of the more popular tools on this list -- especially among students -- Kahoot! While we find Kahoot's design to be unmatched -- and it's still the go-to option for quick, fun quizzing -- it lacks a lot of learning and feedback features that lead to better learning experiences.

Read our review of Kahoot. This is the newest tool on the list, and it seems to be improving monthly. We've heard from some educators who are now GimKit converts, ditching the other tools they used to use.

And while we think GimKit still has a ways to go to match the polish of other tools on this list, it has some creative new features like student-contributed questions and power-ups students can buy and use.

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