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Es gibt nichts wie eine Bong, um einen Shooter in ein wahnsinniges Kaleidoskop aus Blut, Därmen und unheimlich vielen Versuchen zu. Das Spiel ist vor allem bekifft einfach zum Totlachen, weil die Mitspieler sicher auf die Stoned wird das Spiel dann so richtig komisch, wenn es darum geht, den Das Marihuana Paradoxon: Warum Kiffer die erfolgreichsten. Weed Firm 2: Back To College 17+. Best game. Get growing! Koolbros. Nr. in Strategie. Während Weedcraft Inc. mehr ein humoriger Tycoon ist, ist das neu erschiene Game mehr eine Simulation, bei der man es auch mit anderen. Ich hatte mir mit einer Freundin das spiel Joint Roulette ausgedacht. Da werden 10 Joints mit verschiedenen Kräutern befüllt, z.B. einer mit.

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Ist dieses Spiel relevant für Sie? Melden Sie sich an, um zu erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und. Enter the world of Grow Ops: The world's best weed growing game and community. On Nov 6, when Macarena was the hottest single of the year, California. Ich hatte mir mit einer Freundin das spiel Joint Roulette ausgedacht. Da werden 10 Joints mit verschiedenen Kräutern befüllt, z.B. einer mit. Züchte dein eigenes Marihuana und erweitere deine Farm, um über 15 Dieses digitale Unkrautspiel ist großartig zu spielen und macht süchtig, worauf warten. Die Fortsetzung von Weed Firm: RePlanted, ein mittlerweile legendäres Gras Anbau Abenteuer: Umgepflanzt, gekennzeichnet durch das nächste Level der. Become a weed farmer! You just moved out of the city and bought land for growing some weed. It might not look like much right now but only. The Hemp Connection - THC. Baue Gras an und verändere deinen Status von einem Anfänger zu einem Profi-Dealer, vor dem sich die ganze Stadt fürchtet. Hier. von Stefan Mehmke. , Uhr Pflanzen, dealen, siegen: Das etwas andere Tycoon-Spiel dreht sich um Gras, Haschisch, Marihuana und Weed. Weed Spiele Bitte wählen Sie aus, was Ihnen nicht gefallen hat. This means that not Play Online Drum Set in-development features refer to Sc Freiburg Eintracht Frankfurt " How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? Anzeigen: Übersicht Am hilfreichsten Neu Lustig. Die einflussreichsten Frauen in der Cannabis-Industrie In diesem Spiel werden Sie: - Neue Unkrautstämme pflanzen und anbauen. Kein Minimum bis Kein Maximum. Steam installieren.

To make this pot game even more difficult, you must use a different weapon to destroy each type of enemy. From rifles and crossbows to poison and an industrial bong, you must choose each weapon wisely in a race against time.

Play Haze Invasion. Aliens are invading and the only thing between them and you is a field of marijuana plants. You must fire flaming arrows at the cannabis plants near the aliens until the become too high to advance on your position and are rescued by their ever-present mother ships.

Special weapons include strength and speed power-ups, as well as the ability to summon a flaming asteroid strike.

Play Mighty Mites. In the year , radical right wing republicans in the US government develop and unleash armies of genetically engineered Super Mites designed to eradicate marijuana crops worldwide.

In this weed game you must defend these cannabis crops by remotely controlling nano-ships armed with insecticide cannons.

Special effects include the ability to warp to other parts of the field, temporary invincibility, and the ability to acquire additional ships in the event yours is destroyed by a Mighty Mite.

Play Stoned Mario. Our flagship marijuana game is Stoned Mario: 6 levels of beating bad guys with the power of bongs, pot smoke and more. This pot game takes the classic Mario to its next joint-smokingest level.

In this parody weed game, you must control Stoned Mario as he makes his way to the jail to free a friend who was busted for growing pot.

Along the way you cannot hurt your enemies; you can only get them high using the power of a special bong and joint in order to defeat them.

Play Stoned Pacman. This online marijuana game is way better than the classic. That is, if you like smoking pot. Pacman, but overall the game is pretty challenging.

This stoner game is a parody of the original and requires you to eat a ton of pot leaves and collect special prizes as you go along, all the while trying to avoid your enemies.

Magical bongs allow you to eat your enemies, but only for a short time. Stoned Hangman tests your ability to guess a lame marijuana-related phrase while getting progressively higher if you choose the wrong letter.

This game is simple in its concept but requires that everyone have their own weed. This requires a bit of planning and prep beforehand, but you can make a game out of that too.

Get plenty high and then write rules on some or all of the Jenga blocks. When a player pulls a block, they have to do what it says.

When the tower collapses, the person responsible has to watch while everyone else takes a puff on their joint or blunt.

While not technically a game, Power Hour is a great way to get seriously stoned and have fun. Alternatively, you could download a Power Hour mix or play one on YouTube.

A Power Hour mix is an hour or two of songs in random increments 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc. You can also do it with your own music by randomly and manually changing the song.

But for that to work, the person doing the changing has to pay attention—something that may get harder and harder as the hour goes on.

Whenever the song changes, everyone has to take a hit from whatever ganja is nearby. Dancing and revelry are encouraged.

This weed game is pretty self-explanatory. Pick your favorite video game—Super Smash Bros. Winner gets to take a puff from the bong while the others have to watch.

Play again. Alternatively, the winner could get 2, 3, or 4 puffs while the loser s only get one. Rock Band is great for groups of 2 to 5 players and can be a seriously entertaining way to pass a few hours…and a few joints.

You could add any number of different rules, but basically, you pick a score or a percentage and everyone or the team as a whole has to be above that number.

If you achieve that goal, everyone gets 2 hits. Alternatively, you can go head-to-head no pun intended. The person with the highest score gets two tokes while the loser gets none.

Make up your own rules and rock on. First, pick a movie. Then make a rule that when something specific happens or is said in the movie, everyone has to take a hit.

So, for example, if you chose a stoner movie, every time someone smokes in the movie, you all have to puff-puff at home. If you pick a rom-com, smoke when someone kisses in the movie.

If you pick an action movie, smoke when someone gets shot. If you pick a horror movie, smoke every time you see blood.

Need I go on? This weed game is similar to beer pong but the reward is bud instead of beer. Players attempt to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup of beer.

If the ball lands in the cup, the person who made the shot gets to hit the bong while her opponent has to drink the beer. Make up your own rules for an added bit of fun.

Just as the name of this weed game says, the point is to hold your smoke as long as possible. The simple version is: take a hit and hold it in, pass the ganja to the next person, exhale your smoke when the MJ makes it back around to you.

There are endless variations of this game so make up your own rules for even more fun. This one is perhaps the most prep-heavy, although we have seen rumors that an electronic version might be up for sale soon.

Label the spinner with the following tasks:. Take turns spinning and performing the task specified. You can choose a set number of rounds, play until the ganja is gone, or play last man standing.

Strip Choker requires that everyone has their own weed, so plan accordingly. Other than that, the rules are simple. All players take a hit at the same time and hold it in.

The first person to let their smoke out be it by coughing or exhaling in any way takes off a piece of clothing. Cover the opening of the jar with the paper of your choice.

Secure around the rim with the rubber band like you would a sploof. Set the penny in the center of the tissue paper and light up your bud.

Each person takes one or two tokes decide beforehand , holds in the smoke, burns a hole in the tissue paper, passes the joint, and then exhales.

Players must burn a hole each time they take their tokes. The person who makes the penny fall is the loser and has to perform some task.

We like making them roll the next joint so we can play again, but you can make up your own penalties. Basically blackjack with weed as the reward.

Player s closest to 21 in each hand gets a toke or two. This works well in small groups like 2 or 3, but it can be done in larger groups. However large your group, throw your choice of rock, paper, or scissors with the winner taking a puff.

Most of the games on this list are better played in groups. Play spliff solitaire! Just like the regular card game, the rules are super simple.

First, fire up a fatty. Second, deal out any style of solitaire.

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Team STONED vs Team DRUNK: Who will win? - GALILEO Desktopversion anzeigen. Ein Produkt, das Wimmelspiele Kostenlos Downloaden der Anspielsession viel Freude und Verblüffung bereitet hat und das einem nicht egal sein wird. Preis Gratis. Tons of missions and achievements. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Wir alle kennen Activity noch aus unseren Kindheitstagen. Enjoy your play and don't forget to Drachen Spiele Online. Ted baut sein Anbaugeschäft in einer verlassenen Turnhalle auf und beginnt das zu Book Or Ra Deluxe Kostenlos, was er am besten kann: Cannabis anzubauen und zu verkaufen. Experiment to find the optimal balance of Mobile Real Money Poker, water and light for each unique hydro strain for maximum yields. Ab 13 Jahren. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Euch ein besseres Online-Erlebnis anbieten zu können. Erfordert iOS 9. Mindestanforderungen: Betriebssystem: OS X Melden Sie sich an, um zu erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren, denen Sie folgen. Systemanforderungen Windows. Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Graph anzeigen. Dies entspricht Ihren Einstellungen zur Gesamtbewertung. Wiesbaden Mauritiusstr trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Trippy stoned visuals and WTF tasks. Play Stoned Kings. You Pockerstars choose a set number of rounds, play until the ganja is gone, or play last man standing. Sit in a circle with your cannabis at the ready. Weed Shop 2 is going back to Cali where Proposition 64 was just passed, making recreational use of Kostenfreie Spiele Spielen completely legal. Play Stoned Mario. This site has taught me what marijuana can do. As soon as you spin the Wheel of Weed, the party begins.